Ion Drift Productions is an independent film production company focused on developing ideas into artistic and creative films of any genre. The company exists only to facilitate collaboration with other creatives in order to do the things we love to do most: make movies.

My name is Shane Taylor, I'm the owner, and this site is the artistic home of my filmmaking passion.

My award-winning short film, Dead Run, was accomplished entirely in-house in order to develop the necessary infrastructure and knowledge, and to hone my skills on every aspect of filmmaking, from concept/story development, pre-production, on-set production, post-production, and DCP creation for theatrical screening.

You can read more about this exciting film production project, including details on production and post production and behind-the-scenes footage, on the Dead Run Film Page, and watch the trailer on our Films Page.

I would love to work with you on your projects, to help build teams of roving filmmakers, terrorizing the far lands with our cameras, boom poles, dollies, and C-stands!

Stay calm and keep rolling!