Film, Music Video, and Commercial Portfolio

Here you'll find a collection of the films, adverts, music videos, corporates, promos and instructional videos I've produced and directed in chronological order, most recent to oldest.

Iceland 2018 (4K)
A compilation of drone footage and stills from Iceland 2018. It was Bon Iver's Holocene video that convinced me I had to experience Iceland, so it was only fitting to have it playing with these images.

Dead Run
Listen ONLY with full range speakers, or quality headphones (not laptop speakers) for full effect of this immersive soundtrack.

Visit the Dead Run Film Page

Rapids Yurt Timelapse
A timelapse I made while camping in a Yurt on Eagle River in the Chugach Mountains in Alaska a few miles from my home.

I made this music video for my god-daughters to the Pentatonix cover of Radioactive since we were all fans. We saw them live 2 days later at the AK State Fair!

Raw Earth Wild Sky
A personal project that I produced, directed, shot, and edited, with location support from my wife and a few riends as cast & crew.

Around the Store
One of the first videos I created to highlight a retail store my wife and I owned, About Face, and the products we sold.

Kennecott Timelapse
A fine day at the Kennecott Mines, Kennicott Glacier, in Wrangell-St. Elias Nat Park and Pres. We were there for Packrafting and had to make some time for timelapse. Music: Ocean Breeze by Pablo Cruise

Clouds Timelapse
Ominous clouds one night around 1:30 AM in Eagle River, AK. Music: Few and Far Between, Shannon Curfman

Denali Memorial Day Timelapse
This video is composed from three time-lapse sequences consisting of over 1,000 images. Couldn't have asked for a better day. Music: "The Orchard" by Thomas Newman

Mountain Timelapse
Nikon D3s, 70mm f/22 at 1/80s, 10sec intervals, 200 shots. Time was 7:26 pm to 8:00 pm shown in 8 seconds.

Smellwell Soaps Stop Motion
I created this stop motion video just for fun to show off Smellwell Soaps for About Face. Music: Theme to Benny Hill

Instructional Video
Instructional Video shot for About Face.

Instructional Video
Instructional Video shot for About Face.