Everything SOUND

Here you'll find a collection of the assets that have to do with sound, from sound design, film soundtracks and scores, original music, collaborative projects. and audio mixing and mastering.

This song, Glow by Lianne Kay, I produced for a Remix/Production Competition sponsored by Produce Like A Pro. The multitracks provided included two acoustic guitar tracks, two lead vocal tracks, and two harmony vocal tracks. I added an electric guitar, piano, cello, violin, bass, and shaker to my production. Give it a listen.

Through It All
This is a REMIX of Steve Maggiora's Through It All using multitrack files from Produce Like A Pro. This is my first Mix/Master of a music track using individual tracks. I would love to know what you think.

Ain't No Sunshine
This is a Production/Remix of Ain't No Sunshine using multitrack files from Produce Like A Pro. I added my own drum track to the mix and as a result used only part of the provided Djembe track. You can learn more about the recording of these tracks and these talented artists here. Please leave me a comment on what you think of the mix.

This is a REMIX of Gone by Chase K using multitrack files from Produce Like A Pro. Please let me know what you think.